Airbag Multiport 3/8e Kit Air*

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Airbag Multiport 3/8e Kit Air*

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Le système pneumatique muni d'un compresseur et de coussin d'air appelé airbag permet le réglage de votre véhicule en hauteur et également de le faire bouger en avant / arriere / coté / coté tout en conservant une tenue de route correcte.

The unique multiport tank tank design is what separates this kit from the rest. It not only comes in a high quality chrome finish but also has nine port holes. The tank has 4 large 1/2 inch ports in the front which acts as a mounting hole for the valve assembly. By mounting the valve directly to the tank, it not makes the installation easier, but gives the air valves maximum pressure and volume.

* Unique 5 Gallon Chrome Multiport Tank Design
* Easy Valve Mounting
* Independent Wheel Control
* High Volume
* All Valves Work Directly from Tank Pressure
* 3/8 Durable SMC Valve
* High Quality Firestone Air Bags
* 100% Duty Cycle ViAir Compressors
* D.O.T 3/8 Air Fittings and Air Line

*Upgrades Available for these Kits.
* Vehicle Specific Air Bag Mounting Brackets Available

This is an excellent kit for everyone who wants a reliable kit also. This is an eight valve system, this means that all four corners have individual valving and controls to provide the best possible ride quality without unlevel raising or body roll. As you can see by the parts list below, this is a complete kit. For ease of installation, check out our prefabricated bracketry for your vehicle. CARS, TRUCKS, STRUTS.
1- ViAir 280 Compressor

1- 5 Gallon Multi Port Long Tank,

8- 1 way 3/8 SMC Valves

1- 150psi. Pressure Switch

1- 10 Switch Pre-wired Box

1- Single Needle Pressure Gauge

4- Air Bags, All Fittings and 60ft. Air Line

*Ne pas utilisé sur la voie publique